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Defra Approved 5Kw wood burning stove

Only £499.00 & in stock at our showroom


4.9kW heat output; efficiency 75%

We think everyone should have a chance to own a beautiful cast-iron wood-burning stove, and the ESSE 1 is designed to make that possible. It’s affordably priced, but far from basic: a high quality hand-built ESSE stove with clean-burning performance to match its classic looks.

As you would expect from ESSE, we haven’t cut corners in creating a more affordable stove. Elegant and easy to use, the ESSE 1 features a simple handle with no riddling grate, yet still offers you all the burn rate control of one our top-of-the-range stoves.

As for heating performance, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed:

the ESSE 1 will make easy work of keeping your living space cosily warm in a clean and environmentally responsible manner.

And here’s fuel for thought. If you’re not sure about burning wood, or using it exclusively, the ESSE 1 can also be supplied as a multifuel model capable of burning either wood or mineral fuel.

Available as a wood only or multifuel model

Top or rear flue

Compatible with an ESSE log store